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Power FRK HP2 Sport Performance Header & Collector Kit

Unleash the Power of the BMW HP-2 Sport! Allow it to perform like it should!

This is an excellent, well designed, handmade performance system that offers the enthusiast and racer the ability to performance tune their HP2 Sport yet retain the Stylish BMW Look of the BMW HP2 Sport Light-Weight Performance Muffler. This is a non-cat High Performance Header and Collector System that mates perfectly to the Stock HP2 Sport Can.

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Power FRK Racing Modules for the Honda Sport Bikes: CBR600RR and CBR1000RR

The Power FRK Module for the HONDA CBR600RR and CBR1000RR

The Power FRK is a perfect Plug ‘n Play tuning solution for smooth, powerful performance without expensive Dyno-Tuning for the Honda CBR600RR and the CBR1000RR HyperSport Power FREAKS.
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Now Announcing: The BMW M3 Power FRK Automobile Applications


We are proud to announce our new Power FRK developments for the BMW M3. We will continue with R&D on the other BMW Sports Vehicles including the X Series.

We have obtained outstanding HP and Torque readings with our specially designed Power FRK unit for the following BMW M3 v8 automobiles:

  • M3 Sedan
  • M3 Coupe
  • M3 Convertible

Expect an outstanding result! No Dyno Necessary – Just one road test! Smooth Powerful Performance in this exciting high-performance BMW M3 model line can easily be achieved in a plug and play fashion with OEM connectors.

“Plug ‘n Play Faster” Tuning 2.0!

100% guaranteed to please with both performance and gas mileage!

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